Third Party 

Seller Market

  • > 58% of units sold on Amazon come from third-party sellers.

  • More than half have profit margins above 15%

  • Average annual revenue for Amazon third-party sellers is roughly $160,000.

  • 37% of sellers saw profit in 2022

  • The top 10,000 third party sellers on Amazon have an average seller rating of 95.46%.

  • 73% of new Amazon sellers are utilizing FBA.

  • 55% make more than $5000 per month in sales

We stand by our Guarantee

We guarantee our team will get your store to $20K in 90 Days or else; we continue working for free until you do.

Inventory Management

Efficient management of your inventory can help you in the direct direction and help in your business growth. We teach you how to;

  • Manage inventory efficiently
  • Keep tracks of all your products
  • Use our advanced method for inventory replenishment Inventory management software
  • Manage suppliers with software
  • Replenishment strategies
  • Use repricers to increase your listing pricing
  • Consolidate your shipments
  • Improve your inventory health and achieve great IPI scores

Direct Access to Profitable Distributors/Vendors and Manufacturers

Choosing the right distributors will save you from unnecessary headache and stress. You’ll get;

  • Top US brands and distributors deals

  • Fast Setup – 24-48 hour Account set up

  • Favorable Payment terms including credit card and NET 30

  • Daily Delivery Free of Charge

  • One-of-kind order fulfillment experience

  • Access to our fully automated warehouses(eight in the U.S alone)


If you need approval from Amazon to sell products in different categories, we’re here to assist. Ungating opens new opportunities for sellers to sell some specialized goods and make more profit.

Steven’s Story

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Inconsistent sales, lack of an automated process and trial and error. He had a plan but did not know how to make it work in the fierce marketplace.
Steven joined TheFBAMachine Accelarator Program- within 90-days of joining, he was able to profitably scale his store to $70k/month passively

Devante Story

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Devante Bond

Devante is a successful athlete looking for a passive income stream. He likes the concept of making daily income but doesn’t know how to go about it.
Devante joined TheFBAMachine Accelerator program. The team scaled his store, connected him with Reo(his Virtual Assistant) and made him a profitable store

Devanted was so excited about his new business he had to hop on a call with me.

Peter’s Story

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Peter had more issues and concerns on how to make passive income without sacrificing what matters. He had a nasty experience with another agency and thought a successful Amazon business is a myth.
Peter joined TheFBAMachine Accelerator Program- enrolled for our wholesale course, got connected with a team of experts and automated his store with our proprietary software. He made sales right off the gate…
• He hit 5 figure mark.
• A clean and healthy account.
• 486 Ipi score
• $10,000 PROFIT Months

the FBA portal login

To improve your experience as a store owner. We’ve built a custom portal where you can keep a central location for all information and statistics regarding your place in our program.

This is not private label….

Where you create a new brand and having it 

manufactured by your own specifications. 





Discover The Profitable Amazon Business Model That Made Us 

Over $120M In Combined Sales!

We’re talking wholesale model here.. You buy from established brands/vendors and distributors,  at a discount and sell on the biggest marketplace in the world. This is quicker to set up and the risk involved is minimal. 

The Wholesale Course Summary

This is dramatically different from everything you’ve ever seen because this is not just another course. What you’re getting is a leverage for creating massive success on Amazon.
With it, you’ll be able to stop the guesswork by relying on expertise, teams, resources, techniques, blueprints to create, manage and grow stores worth bragging about.

This is what you get when you enroll for TheFBAMachine Accelerator program

  • Complete Guide to getting started and SETUP with every essential to reach your first 20k in sales within 90 days!
  • 30+ videos of Advanced and well kept secrets of 7-figure sellers!
  • Over 40 hours of training dissecting the science and art of selling on Amazon!
    Fool-proof strategy of creating an Amazon store optimized for success!
  • Advanced Linkedin techniques of contacting suppliers and distributors; email templates, phone scripts, negotiation tips and getting deep discounts
  • The Ultimate guide for pricing your product and selling above the competition
  • Highly guarded secrets of product research; Makes you 100% more efficient than other new sellers

You also get these Bonuses without any extra cost

  • Bonus #1 (value $2,500) Live group coaching calls with Steven. You can ask any question about Amazon wholesale business.

  • Bonus #2: (Value $2000) One-on-one call with Steven and interactive guest training with experts and 7-figure store owners

  • Bonus #3 (Value $300/month) Three free months of platform

  • Bonus #4 (Value $1000) Premium placement with pre-vetted virtual assistant

  • Bonus #5 (Value $2500) Access to our pre-approved suppliers list so you can start growing your store ASAP

About Steven Rozen

‘Goes by Instagram handle as king of Amazon.(Kingofamzn)

 Spent the last 8 years doing Amazon wholesale.

Helped manage and oversee over $120m lifetime sale on Amazon

Assisted more than 750 clients unlock a consistent passive income on Amazon.

Also, the creator of TheFBAMachine Accelerator program


Just 90 Days From Today

You Could Have A Fully Automated Amazon Business In Your Name And Make Your First $20,000 in Revenue

There is a little known but powerful system that is now being used by people just like you to earn passive income on Amazon.

It’s the same secret over 200 students and clients have used to scale their ecommerce business

Become experts and 7-figure sellers…

Without endless stretches of research on what to sell, how to sell and for whom to sell.

Advanced Linkedin Tactics for Partner Exclusives

Finding Exclusive Manufacturers and Distributors :

Suppliers play a core role in the success of your Amazon business. You’ll learn :

  • The most important thing you must do to cultivate good relationships with your suppliers!

  • The one thing to do to get deep discounts from suppliers to reduce your order cost.

  • The exact script, templates, blueprints and Linkedin Automations to overcome objections to land the most profitable vendors

  • Advanced vendor negotiations for Exclusivity deals!

TheFBAMachine Accelerator Program Is The Only 

Implementation Program That Will Take You By The Hand And Lead You To automate Everything for your Amazon Wholesale Business !


This is what you’ll get when you enroll for 


TheFBAMachine Accelerator Program:

Apart from the course and the team, you also need a powerful software to automate your workflow, manage your inventory and your new business as a whole. And that’s where Sales Support comes in.


Here is an overview of the tools made for you for smooth running of the business

3 Months Free($300 value) when you enroll for
TheFBAMachine Accelerator Program

Single Software Set up with

Invitation to join TheFBAMachine

Done-for-You Program.


TheFBAMachine done-for-you program is designed to give you a fully automated Amazon business so that you can make passive income on Amazon without lifting a finger.


Here’s a chance a selected few to grow their Amazon business from 0 to 7 figures in the shortest possible period.


This is an invite only program for qualified people to leverage on an existing blueprint to grow, manage and scale their Amazon business without any extra work.


To qualify, you must;

Complete TheFBAMachine Accelerated Program


  • Please understand we can not promise you a specific result.

  • We’re not implying you’ll make a fortune right off the bat.

  •  However, this program can give you a EXPEDITION into the world of Amazon wholesale…

  • Give you insights, blueprints, techniques and everything you need to create, manage and grow a store on Amazon

  • This same program has helped numerous students become Amazon sellers in as little as 90 days

Your own Virtual assistant

Over the course of 90 days, we’ll connect you with your dream team that will work around the clock to give you a profitable store.

We have three different teams to assist with the heavy lifting and other moving parts.

❖ Account set up team
❖ Ungating team
❖ FBA buying

These teams will work with you, give you all the support you’ll ever need and work on your store 24/7

3PL Warehousing – Automated

8 different warehouses to help you ship your products faster, easier and more automated. This improves your lead time efficiently and effectively

We do this so you can start selling building your store from the first day and because it gets overwhelming new sellers.

We help you receive, prep and ship your products to Amazon and do the heavy lifting including: 

• Polybagging

• FNSKU Labeling

• Bubble wrapping

• Bundling

• Storage

• Palletizing


Accelerator Program

The Most Comprehensive Program To Create, Run, And Grow Your Amazon Wholesale Business. 

The only program that will take you from a novice to an Amazon experts within the shortest period with bite-size modules, instructional resources, tools and experts.

This program will give you trade secrets, best practices, access to distributors, warehouses and a team of experts to help with the heavy lifting and the daily moving parts

 …When You Add It All Up…

The Training, Business Skills, & Support, The tools, The System, The Blueprint, The Script, The Template…

Worth thousand of $$$

But Today You Get The Opportunity To Grab All of This…

$15,990 Launch Price

Enroll in 


TheFBAMachine Accelerator Program today



Additional Costs


Total for Inventory + 3PL                   



Monthly Software Fee 


Your personal VA            



Limited Seats Available!

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